Insight Solutions

What you know about your customers and prospects comes from a limited set of interactions. This means you can only guess at how to prioritize and personalize your messaging to them.  From key demographic facts about them and their households, to segmentation and cognitive models, we have the data you need to improve conversion rates and increase revenue and ROI.

Insight Solutions

Reach Solutions

For some website prospects you may just have an email address. Your CRM records may be missing a current email or phone.  You may wish to reach both via paid social or digital media, but missing contact info means your on-boarding match rates are lower than they should be.  From name & address, to email to phone, we have the data you need to reach consumers through more media channels.

What sets Inbound Insight apart?

We know consumer data inside and out.  We know the pain points and shortcomings of current offerings, which really haven’t changed much for decades…except for some new APIs released in the past few years.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) make it possible to automatically tap into the very best proprietary consumer and email databases in the U.S. in brand new ways.

We integrated with these new APIs to create the uniquely flexible and powerful “Insight API”, which pulls from multiple sources in a single pass.

With this disruptive new technology you can pick and choose exactly which data and data services you need in order to maximize both reach and insight, for higher conversion rates, more sales, and higher ROI.

Just choose one or more data services from a menu of options, name your new “Insight Bundle” and save it…the whole process takes about 10 seconds.

You will be able to instantly access your new Insight Bundle via our API — really a programmable API wrapper — or upload and process your CSV files via our intuitive User Interface.