About inbound insight

inbound insight provides intelligent, instant, integrated solutions that allow B2C marketers to better understand their customers, hand-raisers and prospects in order to maximize conversions and life time revenue, provide relevant messaging and user experiences and prioritize sales, nurturing and marketing follow-on efforts.

Solution Focus

We focus on the critical inbound event in which the consumer voluntarily self-identifies via the Web, chat, landing page, or phone. Using the most capable Insight APITM ever developed, we are able to maximize accurate match rates from partial information, provide a ”link of truth” so the new data record can be tied to your existing customer and prospect databases, and append a rich assortment of demographic, psychographic, segmentation, in-market and other information about the person and their household. We can even integrate your own data science models.


What sets Inbound Insight apart? Our partnerships with industry-leading B2C database compilers means we are a single-source provider of the all the data you could ever need.

Our intelligent Insight API – which is at the core of all of our solutions – provides the highest available match rates and can be quickly configured to meet your insight requirements. And because we believe startups and medium-size businesses deserve access to the same data as billion dollar enterprises, we offer very reasonable fees with low minimums to get started.


You’ve spent a great deal of effort to generate interest. Now your prospective customer is on your website or landing page and ready to introduce themselves by providing you with a few bits of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as their name and email address.


With even one bit of information (such as email address), our Insight API can provide everything from simple record completion to a persistent consumer ID link, to incredibly rich details about the person and their household, including predictive behavior models.


Let’s face it, most APIs are not very smart – they’re simple lookups really. Our Insight API can learn and optimize to provide maximum insight with the industry’s highest match rates.


Even with intelligent processing our Insight API is snap-your-fingers fast, so you can make real-time decisions on the best message, offer or priority to assign to your newest hand-raiser.


We’ve built a unique Insight API that pulls data from multiple sources in a variety of configurations, and with an option to connect via online form BCC, thereby radically simplifying integration.


Our uptime is 99.9% and because we have failover capability built into the Insight API, a feature that no traditional API can offer.


We will never, ever share your customer data with anyone and our cloud-hosting facilities are both SOC2 and HIPPA-compliant.


Yes, that’s right. You get advanced Insight API plus competitive per match data pricing with low annual minimums. What could be better than that!