About Inbound Insight

Our mission here at Inbound Insight is to make it easy for marketers and data scientists to gain the insight they need about their customers and prospects to be able to maximize marketing conversions and outcomes.

Why We Do It

We’ve been in the industry for a long time. We’ve seen how the largest data compilers in the U.S., with some of the best data assets, are often the most difficult to work with. We’ve seen archaic practices like charging minimum order fees for self-service ordering continue long after they should have ended. We’ve seen the incredible potential for new technologies such as powerful APIs with unique capabilities go untapped and been disappointed to learn that what is available via the API is different from what is available via self-service or batch methods, even from the same data source.

And finally, we’ve seen that, while just about every compiler does a very good job with core consumer demographic data, each source has its own unique strengths — and that the ultimate solution would curate the best consumer and email databases, stitch together what each does best, and make it available in a single easily-customizable solution that provides both API and self-service access to the same custom data bundles.

How We Do It

We do this by providing easy access to a curated set of the best third-party U.S. consumer databases so our clients can create their own custom “insight bundles” in seconds and make this bundle instantly accessible via API or batch. By focusing on what each data source does best we are able to provide a breath of data and match performance beyond what was ever possible before. For example, we consistently achieve a 77% match rate when appending name and address to an email address – almost double the industry average – by tapping into four separate sources until we get a match. And our solution is the only one that then pull core demographics from one source, a segmentation or propensity model from another and a consumer ID from a third source, after converting that email to name and address.

Providing easy access to multiple sources allows our clients to cherry-pick the data or value-priced data packages that best fit their needs, without needing to set up multiple relationships or develop separate technical interfaces or complex processing steps.

The Insight APITM

All of this is made possible by our revolutionary, disruptive and privacy-compliant “Insight API”. To our clients the Insight API looks and acts like a simple singular API but behind the scenes it is coordinating many processing steps: it pulls the specified data from multiple proprietary databases, merges and harmonizes as required, then returns the final results as an API response.

Insight Bundles

Insight Bundles consist of one or more data enhancement services. When our clients provide Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about their customers or prospects – such as name & address, phone or email – we automatically return data that either increases their ability reach the person or that provides insight that can be used to analyze, personalize, prioritize and optimize marketing messages and conversions.

“Reach” solutions are those that fill in missing contact information such as appending email or phone to name and address or the reverse: appending name and address to an email or phone. “Insight” solutions append key facts about a person or their household including demographics, psychographics, in-market propensity, real property facts, segmentation system clusters, persistent IDs and more.

Fast, Simple and Powerful

Because our simple and intuitive Batch User Interface is built on our Insight API, the same customized Insight Bundles can be processed self-service by uploading a CSV file. The upload UI automatically scans your file to make sure you have uploaded the required fields for the chosen Insight Bundle, then maps your fields.

The whole process from creating an Insight Bundle to uploading a file takes about 12 to 15 seconds.

Fairly Priced

All of our “reach” solutions are based on matches, so you only pay for what we match. Our “insight” solutions come in are available as value-priced packages or a la carte. We believe you should be able to earn better and better pricing as you grow with us.

We believe in pricing based on value provided. That’s why we don’t charge minimum project fees when you upload a file for processing. (Another benefit of being built on APIs.) This allows you to process files as frequently as you like in order to be able to reach out when a prospect is still in the buying cycle or while you are top of mind for new customers, increasing your chance to make a great impression or new sale.

In Conclusion

We did everything we could to make the process flexible and powerful to meet the needs of modern marketers and data scientists while at the same time providing the easiest and most user-friendly solution available.

Get all the data services you need from one innovative source. Grow with us. Create value for your organization. Let’s be successful together!