Why Inbound Insight Analytics?

Your job is to generate valuable, high-ROI leads.

To do so you need to reach individuals who are most likely to convert and generate high life-time value.

Predictive Analytics is the best way to determine the best Audience for your product or service.

Three Types of Analytic Models

Model Descriptions

Favorable Economics of Analytic Models

Here is our best estimate of the incremental costs involved in each of the three models (vs. no analysis) compared to the increase in campaign performance.

At each level, the analytics more than justifies the increase in cost with a much higher increase in campaign performance, leading to a higher ROI in each case.

Model Positive Economics

Nine Reasons to Try Our Analytic Models

1) Maximum Conversion Rate and ROI – analytic insight is the best way to reach your best-converting and highest LTV audience.

2) Analytic Options for Any Budget
 – whether you have the budget to reach ten thousand or million people, there is an analytic option that will improve your ROI.

– Demographic Look Alike Report ($1K): for target audience sizes of 10K+

– Standard Predictive Model ($2K): for target audience sizes of 50K+

– Custom Predictive Model ($6K): for target audience sizes of 100K+

3) Choose Best Audience for Any Media – while analytics is essential for higher priced media such as direct mail, it can be applied to any media.  Consumer prospect names and addresses can be appended with email or phone or onboarded as custom audiences for digital, social, and video campaigns.

4) Custom Predictive Models Yield the Very Best Results – there is no better way to create your best Audience for pro-active outreach than with a human-steered custom predictive model.  Our custom predictive model uses more than 700 data elements to create models that maximize lift.

5) Score Inbound Leads to Prioritize Who to Reach via High-cost Media – direct mail or sales follow up are fantastic ways to retarget, but they must be used judiciously since not every inbound lead is qualified.  For best ROI, reach out to the top 20% to 50% of inbound leads based on your predictive model score, adjusting as needed.

6) Best Initial Audience Selection – analytics can get you closer to your best target audience immediately, without a low-performing initial campaign.  (This can include analyzing the distance of customers from physical locations.)

7) Conversion Analytics for Ongoing Improvement – direct marketing is all about testing and improving.  By analyzing the difference between campaign converters vs. non-converters we refine your Audience for better-converting future campaigns.

8) Automated Workflows and Integrations – we’ve integrated lead scoring using our Custom Predictive Model into our industry-leading Visitor Connect™ website visitor leads solution.  We can create custom automated lead scoring workflows and integrations as needed.

9) Reseller Pricing Plans – we welcome resellers of all our products and services.  If you are an agency or consultant, ask about our reseller discounts. from Inbound Insight you can earn substantial volume discounts (a great benefit for resellers).



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