eCommerce and Inbound Insight

Inbound Insight provides many ways to increase the value of your eCommerce data.

In addition, we require no setup fees and no per project/batch fees so you can send a few dozen or thousands of records at a time.

Just upload your emails or names & addresses and we will securely append data from top consumer databases.

Here are some great ways to use our data services:

What You Have What You Need Data Packages
Subscriber Email Addresses Name and Postal Address in order to send a postcard to increase sales conversions “Reverse Append – Ultimate”
Names and Addresses Demographic insight to prioritize and personalize messaging via any channel “Interests & Behaviors”, “Demographics”, “Plus Package”, “Niches”
Names and Addresses Consumer ID in order to can de-dupe CRM data records “Consumer and
Household ID”
Names and Addresses Emails for targeted email campaigns “Email Append”
Names and Addresses Multiple emails for better social media on-boarding “Email Append – All”

Inbound Insight offers the highest and the most data options.  For example, our “Reverse Append – Ultimate” matches at 70% to 80%, which is the highest match rates anywhere.

We will work with you to set you up with great pricing and NO ORDER MINIMUMS.   You can upload files via our simple User Interface or set up integration using our Insight API™.

Just fill out the form below or call us at (212) 655-9807 and let us know how we can help!