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Gain Deep Insight into People and Households
with Rich Demographic and Psychographic Appends

Demographic Append – What Sets Us Apart

Inbound Insight offers the richest assortment of data available through any API. We partnered with many leading U.S. consumer database compilers to offer a wide range of demographic and other data enhancement options.

Enhance your existing customer database using our batch user interface. Then quickly and easily implement our real-time Insight API to append data to new prospects and customers, including those who fill out online forms.

Every client has different consumer enhancement needs.  No one source has all the information.  That’s why Inbound Insight provides you with access to data append elements from multiple leading consumer data sources.

With Inbound Insight, you have access to multiple high-value “data packages” from multiple sources, each with dozens to hundreds of data enrichment elements.  The amount of third-party data is staggering, which is why we will work with you on a consultative basis (for no additional fees) to agnostically help you determine which data set(s) is best for you.

Insight Solutions

Demographic Append – Key Benefits

  • Curated data from many of the best consumer databases in the U.S.
  • Quick turnaround on batch files, real-time via the Insight API.
  • Ability to mix-and-match demographic data packages with other data services
  • No minimum project fees

Let us prove our high match rates and quality…call (212) 655-9807 or email [email protected] today for a FREE demographic append match test.

Use Cases

Reverse Email Append Use Cases that Create Conversions

  1. Develop Customer Segments and Personas
  2. Determine characteristics of best customers in order prioritize leads and find more like them. Personalize Content Delivery
  3. Improved Online User Experience
  4. Customer Retention and Cross-Sell
  5. Analytics and Data Science

Demographic Append – Case Study

A printer/marketing services provider has developed a standard offering that combines both the Demographics and the Interests and Behaviors package.  In one pass they are able to append more than 250 data elements.

They use this information to create customer profile reports that they use to consult with clients on best ways to personalize, segment, target and prioritize both their customer and prospect outreach.  As a result, their clients have come to see them as much more than a postcard printer…they are now seen as a consultative partner with high value solutions.


For more information about Demographic Append data services download our Data Enrichment brochure.

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