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Real Property and Owner Append Helps You Determine Whether a Home is Owner Occupied or Absentee Owned, then Get Contact Information and Rich Data About the Home, Sale Price and Mortgage

Real Property and Owner – What Sets Us Apart

This data service is the riches available real property data service that requires just an address as input.  From the address you get:

  • Owner Occupied vs. Absentee Owned
  • The name of the current occupant and absentee owner
  • The absentee owner’s address
  • Whether the owner is an individual or a business
  • Property type
  • Property quality and condition
  • Construction and exterior wall type
  • Property and land value
  • Year built
  • Square footage
  • Number of rooms (total, bedrooms, bathrooms)
  • Type of air conditioning system, and heating fuel type
  • Type of roof, basement, floor and roof construction
  • Type of sewer and water connections
  • Property deed and transaction details
  • Mortgage type and amount and interest rate
  • Equity and loan-to-value (LTV)
  • Lender type and name


In other words, our Real Property and Owner append data service includes pretty much everything you need to know about the building, the property, who owns it and how it was financed.

Real Property and Owner

Key Benefits

  • Learn everything you need to know about a property in order to qualify a lead
  • Reach absentee home owners to offer a variety of real estate services or offer to purchase their home

Use Cases

Any organization involved in real estate buying or selling, property listings for sale or rent, mortgage financing, or heating and air conditioning systems will benefit from the wealth of information in the Real Property append data service.

Reverse Property and Owner – Case Study

A property rental matchmaker startup wanted to reach the owners of rental properties.  All they had was the address of the rental property.

From a rental property address file we were able to determine the name and address of the property owner, whether they lived at the property or not.  Once we have name and address, we are able to append email and phone. As a result they were able to reach their core target audience of landlords and property investors in ways they had never been able to do before.