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Segmentation Systems Provide Simple Yet Actionable
Ways to Create and Analyze Customer Personas

What Sets Us Apart

We can’t get enough of segmentation systems, which is why we offer multiple systems from the leading U.S. consumer model developers.  We make these solutions available through our API and Batch UI solutions for real-time or batch append.

Each segmentation system uses the same basic principle: use a small number of predictive demographic variables to make sense of a large number of total combinations into a manageable number of segments using CHAID or similar statistical analysis techniques, then assign every U.S. household (or individual) into one of the results mutually exclusive clusters.

Segmentation Systems – Some of Our Favorites

Here are a few of our favorite segmentation systems:

  • Niches 5.0 – the latest version of Epsilon’s flagship segmentation system with 26 niches (names start with A to Z) and 108 granular SuperNiches.
  • Personicx – Acxiom’s proven household-level segmentation system with 70 clusters based on age, income, wealth, marital status, home ownership, children and urban vs. suburban vs. rural.
  • Energy Consumer Dynamics – 13 clusters focused on energy usage patterns and attitudes. Perfect for electric utilities, independent energy retailers and contractors and solar power dealers.
Segmentation Systems

Key Benefits

  • Prioritize customers segments to the most responsive clusters
  • Acquire new customers by targeting “look-alikes” of your best performing clusters
  • Maximize conversions with personalized messaging and offers at the cluster level
  • Identify and remove the worst-performing clusters from campaigns using with an 80/20 analysis.
  • Quick turnaround on batch files, real-time via the Insight API.
  • Ability to mix-and-match segmentation data packages with other data services
  • No minimum project fees

Segmentation System – Use Cases

Reverse Email Append Use Cases that Create Conversions

  1. Determine actionable customer personas based on segmentation clusters
  2. Understand customers based on segmentation-based customers profiles.
  3. Analyze campaign results by segment
  4. Determine best target audience by segment
  5. Understand Life Time Value (LTV) by segment

Segmentation System – Case Study

An electricity retailer wanted to know which prospects to prioritize as it expanded into a new state.  Inbound Insight appended Energy Consumer Dynamics (ECD) clusters to 10,000 existing customers.  From this we were able to determine the absolute number of customers that fell into each of the 13 ECD clusters.  We also created the Market Penetration Index by comparing their customer share by cluster to the cluster share of households in the markets they currently served.

The result was a clear set of winning top-priority clusters that they were then able to use to determine the best target audience for their direct mail prospecting efforts as they expand to new territories.  We provided the direct mail list based on this targeting, and also included key demographic data such as age and income, along with the Personicx cluster of each household.  This provided the client with multiple frameworks to analyze results of their initial campaign and determine the best way to refine their target audience in the future.


For more information about the Connex Segmentation System download our brochure.  For more segmentation system brochures and data dictionaries visit our Resources Page.

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