Get More from Your Subscribers

You do so much to attract people to your website.

Best case, they buy.

Second best case, they provide their email address.

By now you have accumulated tens or hundreds of thousands of subscriber emails.

But are you:

  • Optimizing your message to each person or persona/segment?
  • Prioritizing based on which subscribers match your best customer profiles?
  • Reaching the best hand-raiser prospects offline in addition to online?

With Inbound Insight, you will finally have all the data you need to create prioritized, personalized communications and reach valuable subscribers via direct mail. 

  • Match 70-80% or more of your emails with full name and current address
  • Append the best options from of thousands of relevant consumer data attributes

All for just pennies per match, using a batch User Interface or the real-time Insight API.

We’ll help you determine which of the many data elements listed below would work best for you.

Package Name What You Get Price Per Record
Reverse Append Name & Address (based on email or phone input) $0.020 to $0.070
Consumer and HH ID Consumer ID, Household ID $0.0050 to $0.0080
Interests and Behaviors Consumer and Household IDs; Address Elements (4), Person Elements (7), Household Elements (13), Behaviors in the Household (>100) and Interests of the Person (97) $0.0225 to $0.0400
Demographics Phone, Email, Consumer and Household IDs, Demographics (45), Interests (17) $0.0275 to $0.0500
Plus Package Phone, Email, Consumer and Household IDs, Demographics (15), Real Property (25), Auto (9) and IP Address $0.0850 to $0.1200
Premium Package Phone, Email, Consumer and Household IDs, Demographics (65), Real Property (160), Auto (9), IP Address $0.1150 to $0.1500
Niches 5.0 Segmentation system with 108 SuperNiches and 26 Niches $0.0225 to $0.0400
Custom Packages Build Your Own Package using any combination of the following 240+ data elements: Basic Demographics (6), Children in Household (2), Adults in Household (24), Household Composition (2), Ethnicity and Religion (6), Segmentation and Models (5) including Niches 5.0, Prizm, P$YCLE, Connexions and PreMovers, Income and Spending (10), Real Property (20), Credit Cards and Debts (6), Collectible (6), Charitable Donations (15), Hobbies (22), Investments and Insurance (8), Mail Order Buyer (13), Music Preferences (7), Nutrition and Diet (4), Pets (3), Books and Reading (14), Sports and Recreation (14), Travel (9), Miscellaneous (7), Triggers (13), Market Trends (22) TBD

So, call us at (212) 655-9807, or email us at [email protected].

Or fill out the form below and we will reach out to you soon.