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You can create your own account.  Just click here and fill out the form.

Upload My Test File

inbound insight makes it easy to quickly test your existing customer data using the actual insight APi. Just set up an account, choose the options you want to test and upload your file. Your test will be completed in seconds, at no charge (up to 1,000 records).

Process My Customer File

Whether your CRM file has 10,000 or 10 million records, you can securely upload your data and receive the same advanced data processing as with the insight APi. Processing will take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on file size.

Set Up My insight APi

Apply for your own insight APi account, review and approve the data terms and we will issue your ID and password, plus the short bit of code your developer will need to complete the integration. (Some data elements may require privacy reviews.)

Data Delivery Options

Real-time Data Pipe (API)

Real-time Data Pipes (aka APIs) can retrieve data from huge databases in milliseconds via standard data protocols (JSON) based on a variety of input values (e.g., email address, name/address, phone).

Inbound Insight has access to multiple Data Pipe-enabled U.S. consumer databases and will help select the ones that provide the best value, accuracy and critically needed data elements.

Self-Service User Interface

Clients can also access our self-service User Interface (UI), choose their file to upload from
their local environment and securely upload for processing.

Files are typically returned in less than an hour with all requested data enhancements.