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Identify Your Contacts

The first step in getting to know your customers and prospects is to identify them.  This includes ensuring that a new customer is not an existing one.  We offer third-party identity solutions based on large knowledge bases of prior addresses, nicknames, pre-marital names, etc.   Consumer and Household ID’s are also perfect for campaign attribution when comparing a list of prospects to converted customers.  Identity verification is best for qualifying inbound leads.

Identity Resolution / Consumer ID

Every consumer database compiler offers a Consumer and Household ID solution. We allow you to pick and choose the one that works best for you.

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Identity Resolution Solutions

Identify and Update

This unique solution called “Identify and Update” combines data enhancement services such as Consumer ID and Household ID append, date of birth (and death) appends, address hygiene, including prior address and move date.

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Identity and Update

Identify Verification

Gain confidence that in inbound lead is really who they say they are by assigning a score in real time (0 to 100 with the higher number being the most accurate identity information). Also receive validity scores for each identity marker (e.g., name, address, phone, email address).

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