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Manage Customer Identities Across Your CRM, CDP and Other Marketing Platforms and Touch Points 

Identity Resolution / Consumer ID – What Sets Us Apart

Inbound Insight offers Identity Resolution solutions based on Consumer ID and Household ID from multiple sources.  These IDs may be included in existing data packages such as Demographics or Interests and Behaviors.  They are also available a la carte.

Insight Solutions

Identify Resolution / Consumer ID – Key Benefits

  • Create a single view of your customers across platforms
  • Avoid creating duplicates and remove existing ones
  • Maximize campaign attribution (including purchases made by others in the household)
  • No minimum project fees

Identify Resolution / Consumer ID – Use Cases

Reverse Email Append Use Cases that Create Conversions

  1. Merge duplicate CRM records to create richer profiles & avoid duplicate messages
  2. Recognize existing customers and avoid creating new duplicates
  3. Improved online user experience with real time recognition
  4. Campaign attribution
  5. Associate individuals living together using the Household ID

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Identify Resolution / Consumer ID – Case Study

Our client wanted to accurately assess multi-channel campaign performance.  They had personally identifiable information (PII) form their initial prospect list and on prospects who set up an appointment and ultimately purchased.

Initially they tried to match prospects to customers using string matching based on a combination of first letters of first name, full last name, partial street address and ZIP Code.  But this method missed many potential matches and did not account for purchases by others in the household.

By appending Consumer and Household IDs they were able to boost individual match rates by 20% and further determine that another 25% of conversions were from another person in the household.  What initially looked like a borderline campaign performance turned out to have a very good Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and ROI.

Identity Resolution / Consumer ID – Documentation

For more information about Identity Resolution and Consumer ID Solutions download our brochure.

Reverse Email Append Brochure