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Identify and Update is a Revolutionary All-in-One
Consumer Identity, Hygiene and Enhancement Service

Identify and Update – What Sets Us Apart

You have the name and address of a customer or prospect and you want to confirm their identity and make sure you have the most current contact information.  You need to:

  • Determine if the address you have is current, complete and accurate
  • Know their exact age, so you don’t confuse parent and child or others with a similar name
  • Assign persistent third-party Consumer and Household IDs that help determine if you have seen this person before, so you can link any past purchase or other activity.

You would want this information available via both real-time API for new leads or via batch for current files. With “Identify and Cleanse” you can do it all at a great price.  Just submit your names and addresses and this unique data service performs:

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Identify and Update – Key Benefits

  • Identify your customers and prospects by appending Consumer and Household IDs
  • Ensure that the most current address is used
  • Get Additional information such as year and month of birth (also year and month of death)
  • Handle multiple critical data needs in one pass using a single data service
  • Low price and no minimum project fees

Identify and Update – Use Cases

Identify and Cleanse handles multiple use cases in one data service:

  • CRM / Customer data hygiene – keep address data current
  • Resolve identity with persistent consumer and household ID’s in order to de-dupe existing records and determine if new records are already in your database
  • Get exact age with date of birth append
  • Determine if deceased and if so, when

Identify and Update – Case Study

One of our clients that offers medical products to seniors wanted to know the exact age of their customers in order to determine the best audience for prospecting and determine life time value based on their age when they first became a customer.

They also needed to verify that their address was current and complete and determine if any of their customers were deceased.  Finally, they needed to de-dupe their database using a persistent consumer ID.

Only “Identify and Cleans” was able to perform all of these tasks in a single, value-priced data service.


For more information about the Identify and Update data services download our brochure.

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