What is an Insight Ecosystem?

“What sets Inbound Insight apart is that we not only created the best Leads, Enhancement, and Analytic solutions, but we then combined them into a cohesive offering where one component reinforces the others to maximize value and results.”

Our Insight Ecosystem™ helps marketers maximize direct marketing campaign conversions and ROI.

With our Visitor Connect™ website visitor leads solution, high-intent in-market prospects and highly targeted demographic or propensity model lists, we provide the best-converting audiences for marketing campaigns.

Reasons to Try Visitor Connect

Reasons to Try Inbound Insight Leads

Enhancement via our proprietary InboundInsight.io platform includes high match rate data services to complete your contact record, plus demographic insight and specialty appends such as appending business data to consumer emails.

Reasons to Try Inbound Insight Data Enhancement

Our analytics suite provides the insight needed to filter your audience down to the most likely responders.  Solutions range from demographic Look Alike Reports to Predictive Models using 700+ attributes and campaign conversion analyses.

Reasons to Try Inbound Insight Analytics

Each individual component is the best offering of its type. For example, our Visitor Connect™ website visitor leads solution has the highest match rate available anywhere. Our In-market leads offering is the most comprehensive, and our lists are pulled from the source with the best available targeting for each specific project.

Many of our high-performance data services are only available via our Insight API™ and InboundInsight.io platform. The match rates of our proprietary Email Append and Reverse Email Append contact completion data services are twice as high the competition. We offer demographic and segmentation enhancement solutions from multiple sources. These data services can be easily combined into custom “insight bundles”, then automated using APIs and pre-built integrations with thousands of CRM, email, and other software (via Zapier).

The Analytics component includes the widest range of look-alike and custom predictive model options available anywhere. So, whether you are testing analytic models for the first time to boost conversion rates, or you need multiple sophisticated custom predictive models to achieve the absolute best performance, we have an offering that will work for you.

Finally, each component of our Insight Ecosystem complements the others. Analytics creates new insight for choosing the best prospects. Enhancement maximizes website visitor lead match rates. Custom predictive models score inbound leads for best conversion rates. This interaction is the key to maximizing results.

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