Insight Solutions

Insight solutions tell you something about your customer or prospect or their household that you didn’t know before.   These include demographics appends, segmentation systems, advanced cognitive or propensity models or consumer and household IDs.

Demographic Data Packages

We offer several data packages with dozens to hundreds of demographic elements at an attractive price.  For example, “Interests and Behaviors” contains more than 200 data elements and “Demographics” has more than 60.  The “Plus” and “Premium” Packages include dozens of real property data elements.  On top of this we offer the ability to create custom packages from a choice of hundreds of options.

Identity Verification

Segmentation Systems

From Niches to Personicx and beyond, we can provide you with the Segmentation System of your choice.  We love the way these systems simplify analysis of which groups of households perform better than others.  Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you select an option that works best for you.

Cognitive / Propensity Models

Analytic models based on partial data that has been spread across every U.S. household a great way to reach target audiences that would be impossible to find using traditional demographics.  We offer many options for every industry!

Consumer Insight Models

Consumer and Household IDs

Perfect for de-duping and attribution, we offer options from multiple leading sources.  By appending ID’s to your customer file and inbound prospects, you will be able to verify whether or not a prospect is actually an existing customer.  By appending ID’s to your outbound campaign file and the responders, you will be able to attribute better than any string-based solution.  The Household ID can determine if someone else in the household made the purchase…knowing this can boost campaign attribution by 20 to 30%, which reflects how well it actually performed.