Why Inbound Insight Leads?

To grow, you need to identify people who are already interested (Leads) or generate demand proactively via targeted Audiences (Lists).

Your own website visitors are a great source of high-intent leads if you can identify who they are (you can…with Visitor Connect™).

In-market leads are high-intent prospects who searched the Internet for your product or service within the past few days.

Our lists go well-beyond basic demographic filters to include pre-built propensity and cognitive models, plus specialty lists.

Reasons to Try Inbound Insight Leads

1) Visitor Connect is the Best Website Visitor Leads Solution– highest match rates and many other benefits (click to learn more).

2) Largest Selection of In-Market leads: with more than 2,000 product/service categories we offer the largest selection of in-market leads available anywhere (see data dictionary).

3) Lists Based on Predictive Models: a key reason for using our Analytics services is to determine the best target audience for postal or email lists.

4) Incredible List Targeting Options
: we spent years compiling the best and most comprehensive set list filtering options available anywhere including:

– Propensity Models – thousands of options such as propensity to buy a second home, use a specific brand, etc.

– Cognitive Models – unique hard-to-find audience models related to health and wellness, attitudes, retail purchases, etc.

– Segmentation Systems – multiple systems that segment each U.S. household into 16 to 130 unique “clusters” for targeting

5) Specialty Lists: including recent movers or pre-movers, people with self-identified ailments, multi-property real-estate owners, medical or state-licensed professionals, etc.

6) More than Name and Address (Email/Phone): we can include consumer email and phone (including mobile phone-only) at triple the coverage of other sources.

7) Consultative Expertise: nobody has a better methodology or knows more about choosing the best list for your campaign…let us prove it!

8) Reseller Pricing Plans – we welcome resellers of all our products and services. If you are an agency or consultant, ask about our reseller discounts.

Interested in learning more?

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