Lob and Inbound Insight

Inbound Insight and Lob provide highly compatible solutions.

  • Lob is a leader in automated direct mail solutions that enable frequent, personalized mailings at scale.
  • Inbound Insight converts email addresses to mailable names and addresses and further enhances the record with demographic insight to optimize messaging for improved ROI.

Any business can benefit by tapping into the Lob + Inbound Insight joint solution.

Use our Insight API to enrich your CRM/Email Subscriber data — including from online forms — in real time.

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Use Cases for Lob and Inbound Insight

Use Case #1: Send Lob Postcards to Prospects from your Email Subscriber Database

You’ve been collecting emails from online forms for months or years.  These are the people who were interested enough to volunteer their personal information (i.e., email address), expecting value in return (e.g., a coupon, ongoing news and special offers).

To boost sales, you would like to send a postal mailer…but all you know is their email address.

That’s where Inbound Insight can help.  Our Insight API™ offer the highest match rates available converting email addresses to full names and physical addresses.  By tapping into multiple consumer/email databases we can convert up to 82% of emails to individuals…that’s about double the industry average!

Use Case #2: Prioritize and Personalize Lob Campaigns with Data Enhancement

Maximize your mail campaign ROI by starting with the highest priority prospects with personalizing your messaging and content.  This applies to both the email subscriber prospects referenced above and cross-sell/up-sell campaigns to existing customers.  How?

  • Append key demographic, psychographic and segmentation data so you know which customer persona the fall into, then use the most relevant images and messaging.
  • Take advantage of knowing where they live by mentioning nearest store locations
  • Based on analytic models created by your data science team, start mailing to those prospects who score the highest (e.g., most likely to convert or highest life-time value)

Inbound Insight offers the widest selection of data elements from multiple leading U.S. consumer databases so you will have access to the data you need to segment and prioritize.

Use Case #3: Set Up Ongoing Automated Mail Campaigns Using Lob

The Insight API is able to enhance data from your CRM or online forms in real-time and can be set up in minutes.  We can even ingest data directly from your online forms (just trigger an email to the Insight API containing the form fill data) so you can be up and running without requiring developers to create custom code.  Data can be provided in real time, or we can send you a scheduled file containing all matched records on a schedule (e.g., daily).

Send this fresh hand-raiser data to Lob to execute frequent direct mail campaigns.  The sooner the prospect receives a physical mailer, the greater the likelihood that they will still be in buying mode, and the greater impact it will have.

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