Pandemic Personas

Each U.S. consumer falls into one of four “Pandemic Persona” segments based on their outlook and reaction to COVID-19.  Now you can use this insight to boost your marketing performance by using appropriate messaging and offers, and by prioritizing higher performing segments.

The Four Pandemic Personas

The four Pandemic Personas were created based on analysis thousands of surveys sent to U.S. adults.  The key dimensions are Attitudes (positive vs. negative) and Actions (protective vs. non-protective).

  • Careful Optimist – positive attitude and takes protective actions
  • Lax Dreamer – positive attitude but does not take protective actions
  • Remiss Pessimist – negative attitude and does not take protective actions
  • On Guard Cynic – negative attitude but does take protective actions

Each U.S. adult is uniquely classified at the individual (not household) level allowing you to tailor your messaging and offers to people in each segment.

Enhance Your Customer File

Enhance your customer file at the individual record level so you can personalize your communications to people in each segment.

Complementary Pandemic Personas Analysis

Input consumer name and home address to append phones (both landline and cell phone).

1) Provide a sample of your CRM file

2) We’ll analyze and overlay persona information

3) You’ll receive a report showing the make up of your audience across the personas.

4) We’ll help you strategize your next data-driven project to maximize impact.

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