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Consumer Mailing Lists Based on Analytic
Targeting Models Perform Exceptionally Well

Analytic Model Lists – What Sets Us Apart

Inbound Insight offers the richest assortment of data available through any API. We partnered with many leading U.S. consumer database compilers to offer a wide range of demographic and other data enhancement options.

Enhance your existing customer database using our batch user interface. Then quickly and easily implement our real-time Insight API to append data to new prospects and customers, including those who fill out online forms.

Every client has different consumer enhancement needs.  No one source has all the information.  That’s why Inbound Insight provides you with access to data append elements from multiple leading consumer data sources.

With Inbound Insight, you have access to multiple high-value “data packages” from multiple source, each with dozens to hundreds of data elements.  The amount of third-party data is staggering, which is why we will work with you on a consultative basis (for no additional fees) to agnostically help you determine which data set(s) is best for you.

Analytic Model Lift Chart

Analytic Model Lists – Key Benefits

  • Analytic model lists use predictive statistical analyses to locate prospects who are most similar to your best customers.
  • By using the resulting 1 to 100 scale, you are able to precisely select a high-performing target audience
  • Model scores can be combined with other demographics, if for example, qualified prospects must be homeowners, have a minimum income or net worth or must be qualified using other criteria
  • As with other consumer lists, you are able to suppress out existing customers

Analytic Model Lists – Use Cases

  1. These types of lists are recommended whenever the often significant improvement in targeting offsets the higher cost of this type of list
  2. Worth testing, especially when other forms of improvement have reach a plateau
  3. Works best with larger mailings of 50,000 records or more

Analytic Model Lists – Documentation

Here’s an example of the Analytic Model Report that is generated whenever this type of list is created.  (The lift chart indicates 10 deciles but actually the data is available by percentile.)

Reverse Email Append Brochure