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Audience Targeting is the Key to a
High Performing Consumer List

Consumer Lists – What Sets Us Apart

Between our data enhancement services and our demographic, segmentation and predictive analytic reports and models, we can help you determine the best target audience for your prospecting campaign.

And because different segmentation systems and propensity models are unique to specific data compilers, we work with a variety of U.S. consumer list providers.  We know which source to turn to if for example, you need ultra-high net worth or the Connex or Personicx segmentation system, or a specific propensity model.

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Consumer Lists – Key Benefits

  • Consumer mailing and phone lists allow you to reach specific households
  • There are thousands of data elements available for targeting from demographics, to propensity models and segmentation systems
  • Between Customer Profile Reports, Segment Conversion Analyses or Analytic Propensity Models you have many tools to choose the best target audience
  • Knowing the names and addresses of your prospects allows you to attribute customers to specific campaigns with a high degree of confidence
  • Existing customers can be removed from lists using customer suppression

Consumer Lists – Use Cases

  1. Direct mail campaigns
  2. Telemarketing campaigns
  3. Email campaigns (when combined with Email Append)

Consumer Lists – Case Study

We helped a client in the retail energy space with a highly targeted consumer list.  To get the best target audience we first analyzed existing customers using the Energy Consumer Dynamics (ECD) segmentation system.  The results clearly indicated that four of the 13 clusters were highly represented in their customer database.

As a result they purchased 50,000 consumer mailing list records.  So far the results have surpassed their projections.

Their next step is to further refine their target audience based on attributing and analyzing results, using a combination of ECD and Personicx.