Reach Prospects using Compliant
Validated Opt-in Email Lists

Email Lists – What Sets Us Apart

These emails are from individuals who opted-in to allow third parties to market to them, in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulations.  The consumer would have accepted a simple privacy policy at the time they provided their email address and the date, IP address and source URL were recorded and stored.  (All of our email data sources capture and store this information.)

The data goes through several quality checks.  Postal addresses are standardized and processed using NCOA and other services.  Hard bounces, complainers and opt-outs are removed.

Here is what sets us apart with regard to email lists:

  • We offer B2B email lists as well as B2C
  • We do NOT require time consuming (and largely ineffective) permission pass for B2C email lists.
  • We have multiple sources for consumer email lists so we can choose the best source for your targeting needs
  • We can append email addresses to any postal list that does not prohibit this use case
  • We apply our targeting expertise to get you the best list
Insight Solutions

Email Lists – Key Benefits

  • As with consumer mailing lists, email lists are highly targetable and benefit from customer analyses
  • Both consumer and business email lists offer a low cost way to reach prospects and are a great part of any multi-channel campaign, pairing well with both direct mail and paid social / digital media.
  • While Permission Pass is not required, we DO recommend it for Business Email Lists due to recent high turnover

Email Lists – Use Cases

  1. Reach targeted B2C or B2B prospects directly
  2. Combine email with other media such as direct mail or digital advertising
  3. Use the email list to onboard to digital media so you know which specific individuals are in each digital segment

Email List – Case Study

One of our clients is a research organization that needed to gain access to a panel of business experts.  We knew that in 2020 there was a huge amount of employee turnover, so we insisted that our source reach out via email with the client’s message before sending us the list.  This ensured that the client only received highly deliverable emails (and avoid receiving any opt outs).