Reach Solutions

Reach solutions fill in missing information in your customer or prospect contact record.  With the following data services — available via API or User Interface — you will be able to reach more of your target audience through more media channels than ever before, opening up low-cost or high-impact multi-channel messaging opportunities.

Reverse Append (aka Postal Contact Append)

Input consumer email, MD5 hashed email and/or phone number to get as output the full name and current home postal address.  Comes in three flavors: Basic, Turbo and Ultimate — with Ultimate boasting the highest match rates available anywhere…up to 80%!  (This is only possible with the Insight API which taps into four separate consumer/email databases.)

Consumer Email Append

Email Append

If you have customer records with name and home address but are missing a current email, you can append deliverable, compliant consumer email addresses at two levels: Individual and Household.  Match rates range from 20 to 50% for Individual and 50 to 80% for Household.  LEARN MORE.

Social / Digital Onboard Append

By appending all available emails (1 to 9 emails, including old or undeliverable ones) to your name and address records you may be able to increase your Facebook or other social/digital advertising on-boarding match rates by 20 to 30%.  This service is also known as “Email Append – All” because it appends all emails.

Consumer Email Append

Phone Append

Input consumer name and home address to append phones (both landline and cell phone).