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Reach Consumers via Email with
Privacy-Compliant Email Append Services

Consumer Email Append – What Sets Us Apart

Inbound Insight’s consumer email append service taps into multiple CAN-SPAM compliant databases containing more than a billion email records.  New emails are added frequently and old ones removed, so only fresh, accurate emails are appended.

The result is that while industry average reverse email append match rates are in less than 50%, our consumer Email Append process matches at a rates of up to 80%, among the highest available anywhere.  What is our secret?  We tap into multiple leading consumer email databases to find the most, accurate emails.

The source emails are from individuals who opted-in to allow third parties to market to them, in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulations. They accepted a simple privacy policy at the time they provided their email address and the date, IP address and source URL were recorded and stored. The data goes through several quality checks. Postal addresses are standardized and processed using NCOA and other services. Hard bounces, complainers and opt-outs are removed. Emails are validated again at the time your place your order, to ensure the highest level of deliverability.

Email Append is available via the Insight API™, a simple User Interface or Automated Batch. It can also be combined with other data enhancement processes – including demographic append, plus predictive analytic model, segmentation system and consumer ID append – all in one pass. Pricing is based on the number of records matched.

Available via simple Batch User Interface with NO minimum order fees.

Key Benefits of Appending Email Addresses to Your CRM Data

Email is probably the single most common way we communicate with customers today.  But there are many other benefits to having maximum current email address coverage in your CRM database:

  • Reduce Marketing Cost / Increase ROI – use low cost email to supplement or displace other paid media channels. We’ve all heard the “$42 in revenue for every $1 spent on email marketing” case study…well it is true that email marketing has about the highest ROI.
  • Recapture Inactive Customers – Update or add alternate emails to make sure you can reach past customers, who may just need to re-connect with you in order to buy again.
  • Reach More Customers via Digital Channels – email address is the core marker used by paid social and digital channels for onboarding. By having at least one email for every contact, including even old emails, you will increase your onboarding match rate.
  • Resolve Identities using Email Addresses – use email address as markers that improve identity resolution and linkages across your internal customer and prospect databases. (Ask about our Consumer ID solutions for even more, accurate linkage rates.)

Key Advantages of Inbound Insight’s Email Append Services

Why use Inbound Insight for your email append needs?  Here are a few reasons:

  • Freshest Email Data – the consumer email databases we use are updated continuously, with new, active emails added and old or inactive ones removed so you only get the best, most accurate, active and freshest emails available.
  • Validated for Highest Deliverability – before we append an email, we validate it on they fly and remove complainers and spam traps, so you get emails with the highest levels of deliverability.
  • Permission Pass Not Required – while others require that they send an email on your behalf asking if the recipient wants to opt out, this is not required for CAN-SPAM compliance and doesn’t really work since only a small fraction will even open the email. This means you can get your emails from us right away rather than waiting 10 days!
  • No Minimums / Free Match Test – we hate being charged minimums and we expect you feel the same way. Why pay $100 or $500 for no value!  We are also happy to test our process with sample records so you can learn what match rate to expect.
  • Multiple Advanced Processing Options – our email append service is part of our Insight API™ so you can process records as you receive them inbound. We’ve also built a simple batch User Interface so you can upload your file and map data fields…no clunky template required!


With our unique Insight API technology you can mix and match data services with email append, including demographic append, segmentation system append and consumer and household ID append, all in one pass.  Available via both API and simple User Interface or full service support…you securely send us your data and we will handle all of the email append processing for you.

So please give us a try.  We are easy to work with, we always put the customer first, we offer the best data from multiple sources to provide the best match rates, all at attractive prices and with NO MINIMUM FEES so you can order as frequently as you like.

Call us today at (212) 655-9807 or email us at [email protected] for a FREE email append match test and to discuss email append and other data solutions with our friendly data experts.

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