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Maximize Your Digital and Social Reach
with the Highest Onboarding Match Rates

Maximize Digital Reach – What Sets Us Apart

Maximize digital reach to get the most out of your social and digital advertising.  Digital ads and social media are indispensable low-cost media for reaching both customers and prospects.  But if all you have are names and addresses, and possibly email addresses, your onboarding match rate to Facebook and other social media and digital ad / DSP platforms, then your match rate will be much lower than it could be.

Our unique data service appends multiple emails and phones to your contact record from multiple sources in order to maximize match rates.  Now you will have the best chance to reach as many as people as possible in your target audience using low cost digital and social media.

Digital Reach Maximizer – Key Benefits

  • Match rates far beyond the competition. Only pay for matches.
  • Extend your reach and expand your target audience on networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, plus programmatic Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)
  • Social accounts created years ago may still use old emails that you don’t have in your database.  Digital Reach Maximizer can append these and more.
  • Because we use more than one source, each with a high match rate, you can be assured of getting many additional matchable elements
  • Finally, you can reach key parts of your target audience online who have not been seeing your social media and digital ads!

Use Cases

  1. Build your Facebook target audience to its maximum size
  2. Reach your offline audience online
  3. Reach your target audience via multiple channels with the greatest possible overlap…people respond better when they see your message in multiple media.


For more information about how to maximize your audience reach using digital and social media download our brochure.

Maximize Digital Reach