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Reverse Email Append Converts Anonymous Emails
into Personalized Names and Addresses for Higher Conversions

Reverse Email Append – What Sets Us Apart

Reverse Email Append (REA) data services from Inbound Insight provide the highest available match rates (let us prove it with a free match test!), high levels of accuracy and the unique processing flexibility.

Enhance your existing email database using our batch user interface.  Then quickly and easily implement our Insight API in order to instantly convert hand-raiser emails from your eCommerce cart or online forms to useful names and addresses.

Why is Inbound Insight’s Reverse Append service superior? Because after careful research we developed partnerships with the leading consumer and email database compilers in the U.S. We then integrated over 1 billion data records into our Insight API, the most flexible and capable data API ever developed.

The result is that while industry average reverse email append match rates are in the 30 to 45% range, our Reverse Append Ultimate process matches at a rate of 70% to 80%.

Reverse Email Append – Key Benefits

  • Match rates far beyond the competition. Only pay for matches.
  • Same day turnaround on batch files. Sub-second response via the Insight API.
  • Quick API setup option using the email triggered by online form fills to ingest the data, plus optional CRM to store the results.
  • Superior postal address quality with frequent DPV and NCOA processing.
  • Accurate data with monthly refreshes.
  • Three Reverse Append options to fit any client need for low pricing, best value or highest match rates.

Let us prove our high match rates and quality…call (212) 655-9807 or email [email protected] today for a FREE REA match test.

Reverse Email Append – Use Cases

  1. Commerce and Direct to Consumer websites with online forms can now determine who is the person behind the email.
  2. Reach customers & hand-raisers via direct mail.
  3. Use home address location to prioritize customers near your physical locations.
  4. Having a name and address unlocks access to leading consumer databases for rich data enhancement.
  5. Add demographic, psychographic data, determine the best customer persona and prioritize customers/leads.
  6. Engage with follow up nurturing campaigns using messaging that resonates.
  7. With real-time processing and instant insight, provide better online customer experiences.

Case Study

“Direct-to-Consumer Mattress Company Uses REA to Reach Cart Abandoners via Automated Direct Mail”

A DTC mattress company wanted to reach as many cart abandoners as quickly as possible. Potential buyers provide their email address at the start of the Shopify checkout process. If they abandon the cart all the client retained was an email address.

While they were able to reach out via email, they knew that these are very valuable prospects and that they were worth also reaching via direct mail.

Using their current REA service provider they were getting match rates 45%, which is typical of single data source providers. Using Inbound Insight’s “Reverse Append Ultimate” data service they were able to achieve a 77% match rate or about 70% better than with their other Reverse Email Append vendor.

As a result, they have increased sales to these valuable prospects by a similar amount.


For more information about Reverse Email Append solutions download our brochure.

Reverse Email Append Brochure