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Ensure Accurate Postal Address and
Consumer Identity with this Unique Data Service

What Sets Us Apart

Current postal address based on address change is a commodity service from the USPS called National Change of Address (NCOA) and is based on forwarding address information provided to the postal service when someone moves.  What makes our Identify and Cleanse service different?

With our Address Hygiene Services you get the following

  • Address quality assessment
  • Provide most current address
  • Provide last move date
  • Provide up to 3 prior addresses
  • Append apartment if missing

In addition, you get:

  • Identity Resolution – Consumer and Household ID
  • Data Enhancement – Year and Month of Birth, Year and Month of Death

No other address hygiene service provides so much value!

Update Postal Address

Key Benefits

Not only is undelivered mail wasteful, it results in the opportunity cost of lost lost sales. Unless you are sending your mailings via First Class Mail you probably don’t even know how much mail is not reaching its target audience.

Now you can update postal address, get the move date to verify that this is new information, plus get a Consumer ID and other information to verify the person including Month and Year of Birth.

Furthermore, and unlike most NCOA or PCOA solutions, you can process a single record at a time for real-time insight.

Update Postal Address – Use Cases

Why use Inbound Insight for your postal address update needs?  Here are a few reasons:

  • Determine current address for accurate direct mail campaigns
  • Determine how far customers live from physical store or office location
  • Validate that address provided is new if address in CRM is a prior address
  • Deduplicate and merge records using the Consumer ID
  • Validate generational identities with date of birth
  • Flag deceased records from customer or prospect databases


With our unique Identify and Cleanse Address Update solution you can update your postal address, identify the individual with a Consumer and Household ID, get month and year of birth and confirm the person is still alive.

For more information, click the image to the right to download the Identify and Cleanse brochure.

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