Inbound Insight provides more data to enrich your prospect and customers databases so you can better personalize your messaging and experiences and feed your analytic models.  Here is an assortment of white papers, brochures and data dictionaries for your reference.

Product Brochures

Consumer Insight Solutions Brochure
Identity Resolution Brochure
Identify and Update
Record Completion Brochure
Consumer Phone Append
InMarket Trigger Leads
Visitor Connect
Inbound Insight Products Overview

Data Dictionaries

Interests Data Package
Identity Verification
Target Decile Models
Cognitive Models Data Packages
Consumer Insight Models
In Market Leads

Analytic Models

Segmentation Systems

Connex Brochure
Connex Household Clusters
Connex Digital Clusters
Connex Family Clusters
Connex Messaging Clusters
Symphony Cluster Definitions

White Papers