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Secure Data Solutions

Securely transfer data for processing.  Our Insight API is the most unique and powerful data services API solution available anywhere.  InboundInsight.io is your control center for creating Insight Bundles, generating API key, and uploading batch files.  Secure automated batch, custom workflows and data encryption are also available.

The Insight API

The most capable and versatile data services API-based “wrapper”, the Insight API is at the core of most of our solutions. It accommodates real-time API requests and can be configured to handle any combination of multi-sourced third-party data services seconds.

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Choose from a menu of multi-sourced data services to create custom “insight bundles”, then instantly get the associated API key or choose the new bundle to process orders via the simple Batch UI and track your activity.

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Automated Batch SFTP

We offer Secure FTP-based automated batch solutions to accommodate your privacy or security requirements or your legacy workflows.

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Custom Workflows

Whether you need an extra hygiene service or special input or output formats, we can accommodate your workflow needs.  We can also add other data sources as needed to maximize match rates and provide maximum insight.

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Data Security-Encryption

Data Security is built into the DNA of all of our solutions.  Products such as Reverse Append – Turbo support MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 (SHA-256) data encryption.

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