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Because of the flexibility of the Insight API and our solution architecture, we are able to offload custom workflow design from your Team to ours.

Custom Workflows – What Sets Us Apart

The Insight API and associated InboundInsight.io application and cloud-based hosting allows for a high degree of flexibility in terms of workflow design. To the extent that you need a custom workflow, whether based on SFTP or secure API’s, we can deliver. Just let us know what you need and we will provide you with our proposal. Our developers are likely to be able to meet your requirements and complete the project quickly, saving you the time and effort and divergence of scarce resources.

Custom Workflows – Key Benefits

  • Curated data from many of the best consumer databases in the U.S.
  • Quick turnaround on batch files, real-time via the Insight API.
  • Ability to mix-and-match demographic data packages with other data services
  • No minimum project fees


Custom Workflows – Use Case Example

You have completed a Segment Conversion Report need to determine whether or not a specific group of clusters (e.g., using the Connex or Niches segmentation systems) should be classified as “good” (top 80%) or “bad” (bottom 80%). We can create a lookup table that includes the proper disposition and returns a “go/no go” field as part of the API response message.

If you have any custom workflow needs, please do not hesitate to call us at (212) 655-9807 or email [email protected].