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Data Security and Secure Data Transfer with Encryption
is Built into the DNA of All of Our Solutions

Data Security and Encryption – What Sets Us Apart

Inbound Insight has built its solutions on a secure data architecture that involves highly secure SHA-256 data encryption at every data transfer point, along with other measure such as IP white labelling for point to point SFTP and API communications. We require all customers and vendors to send and receive data using secure, encrypted methods. Our core cloud infrastructure is also highly secure and our data vendors use infrastructure which complies with either the SOC2 or ISO 27001 security standards.

We offer our clients the option to have their own dedicated database server and — unless specifically requested — we do not store client data for longer than is necessary to ensure that all transactional data has been received.

We adhere to the data security standards put forward by the Direct Marketing Association (ANA).

Finally, we constantly (and successfully) monitor our infrastructure against potential malicious activity and maintain a cyber insurance policy in which we can name our clients as additional insured parties under the policy.

Data Security and Encryption – Key Benefits

  • Clients benefit from knowing that their data is being handled according to industry best practices.
  • By having secure infrastructure and practices, clients can comply with their own data security requirements.
  • Cyber insurance is available to our clients upon request.


Encryption Supporting Products

Inbound Insight offers several products that support encrypted inputs or outputs:

  • Reverse Append – Basic: supports MD5 and SHA-2 (SHA-256) email encryption as input
  • Reverse Append – Turbo: supports MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 (SHA-256) email encryption as input
  • Digital Onboard Maximizer: encrypted output options for Facebook and Google-optimized file formats

Data Security – Documentation

To receive a copy of Inbound Insight’s confidential security documents, please email [email protected].

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