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Create Insight Bundles, Get API Keys and
Process Orders via this Simple User Interface

InboundInsight.io – What Sets Us Apart

The online self-service application at InboundInsight.io has many powerful features found nowhere else. We took the power of the Insight API and made it accessible via a self-service user interface so you can quickly upload files and process batch orders using your custom Insight Bundles created via a simple menu-driven UI. Keep track of your Activity and store records for a limited time in your dedicated CRM. You can even set up a way to trigger real-time ordering based on an email generated from your web form, so you can start processing API orders in minutes with no Dev support.

InboundInsight.io – Key Benefits

  • New concept in data enhancement: mix and match data services from the very best data sources.
  • Quickly create data services “Insight Bundles” that meet your specific needs.
  • Get API Key in seconds
  • Process files via Batch UI with easy field mapping
  • No minimum order fees!

Create a New Multi-Source Insight Bundle in Seconds

This video shows how easy it is to create a custom “Insight Bundle”.   Just choose the data elements for enhancement, name and save it.  The bundle below consists of “Reverse Append – Ultimate”, the “Demographic” data package and the “Connex” segmentation system.   Insight Bundles are used to enhance your consumer data via real-time API or the Batch User Interface.

InboundInsight.io – Use Cases

  1. Set up your account and choose a pricing plan
  2. Choose from a menu of data services (“packages”)
  3. Combine data packages together to create custom Insight Bundles
  4. Upload files for processing via the Batch UI
  5. Get your API key associated with each Insight Bundle
  6. Track your transactions and match rates on the Activity Tab
  7. Access data through your temporary data CRM
  8. Input records via email form

Inboundinsight.io – Case Study

One of our clients chose use because of our outstanding Reverse Email Append match rates. They wanted to get access to this data service via API but were unable to devote the necessary resources for several months. In the mean time they were able to get the same data processing performance via the simple Batch UI available from InboundInsight.io. Orders are uploaded daily with automated field matching so the process just takes one minute.

Later when they transitioned to the API, they received the same consistently high performance and the transition from Batch UI to API was very smooth.