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The Most Flexible and Powerful
Data Enhancement API ever Invented

The Insight API – What Sets Us Apart

Where to start! There is nothing like our Insight API(TM) solution on the market. The Insight API is disrupting the PII-based (Personally Identifiable Information) Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) data enhancement market.

The Insight API is the only solution that is able to mix and match different data services from multiple U.S. consumer compilers. You can set up your custom Insight Bundle and generate your API key in seconds (via the InboundInsight.io application).

What else set’s us apart?

  • Unsurpassed match rates for record completion data services (70 to 80% for Reverse Append vs. 30 to 45% from the competition).
  • Low annual minimums and no minimum fees for most data services, so you can refresh data frequently for best marketing results.
  • Deep knowledge of data sources and best ways to use data…we are happy to offer our expertise to help ensure your success.
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The Insight API – Key Benefits

  • Flexible design can accommodate any third-party data service.
  • Curated data from many of the best consumer databases in the U.S.
  • Quick turnaround on batch files, real-time via the Insight API.
  • Ability to mix-and-match demographic data packages with other data services
  • No minimum project fees

The Insight API – Use Cases

Given the flexibility and many data services, the Insight API has many use cases. Here are a few:

  • Real time data enhancement – as soon as someone provides their email or name and address you can learn dozens of things about them instantly, allowing you to make quick decisions while they are on the phone or browsing your website.
  • Reverse Email Append, Email Append, Demographic or Segmentation System Append or many of the other data enhancement services described elsewhere on this website.
  • Integrate data enhancement services into your automated workflows:
    • Append Consumer ID or demographic data to inbound leads as soon as they are received so that your CRM system has all the data you need to evaluate or personalize messaging to the individual.
    • Append Name and postal address to an email (Reverse Email Append) as part of your Automated Direct Mail program.

The Insight API – Case Study

A nutraceutical firm gathers email addresses throughout the day and uses the Insight API to resolve them to name and address so they can enter them into their CRM. This allows them to personalize their email communication as well as sending frequent mailings to the person’s postal address. By reducing the time from initial inquiry to postcard in-home date, their ROI has increased dramatically.

The Insight API – Documentation

For more information about The Insight API call us at (212) 655-9807 or email [email protected].