Complete a Person Record

  • Input person’s email, phone and/or name & address, get back any missing information.
  • Deterministic and fuzzy matching.
  • Multi-database option for highest match rates on reverse email append (Email is the input, name/address is the output).
  • Real-time, batch and self-serve User Interface options.
REA Maximizer

Create a Unified Customer View

  • Accurately identifying who your new hand-raiser is allows you to link them to your existing marketing databases.
  • We return accurate, persistent consumer IDs:
    • Consumer
    • Household
    • Address
  • Available via API, batch and User Interface.
Consumer ID Append

Rich Data Enhancement

  • Core demographics, plus advanced models and in-market models from a variety of best-of-breed sources.
  • Core Profiles consist of the most popular demographic data elements:
    • Individual: Age, Gender, Education, and Ethnicity
    • Household: Marital Status, Homeowner, Year Home Built, Length of Residence, Home Value, Dwelling Type, Presence of Children, Number of Children, etc.
  • We tap into multiple consumer databases for specialized data:
    • In Market Models
    • Purchasing Behaviors
    • Attitudes, Interests & Psychographics
    • Persona/Segmentation Models
    • Known Ailments
  • We’ve scoured the market for the best sources of specialty data, segmentation systems and advanced in-market models.
Demographic Data Append