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Reach your contacts by filling in missing information in your customer or prospect databases.  By tapping into the following data services, you will be able to reach more of your target audience through more media channels than ever before, opening new low-cost or high-impact multi-channel messaging opportunities.

Reverse Email Append

Reverse Email append is one of our flagship services. With multi-sourced match rates of 70 to 80%, nobody does Reverse Email Append better than Inbound Insight.  Input consumer email, MD5, SHA1 or SHA256 hashed email and/or phone number to get as output the full name and current home postal address.  Comes in three flavors: Basic, Turbo and Ultimate — with Ultimate boasting the highest match rates available anywhere.

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Consumer Email Append

Another multi-sourced data service for highest available match rates. All emails are CAN-SPAM compliant, opt-in and privacy-assured. (We do not require sending a “permission pass” email on your behalf, saving you a delay of a week or more.)

If you have customer records with name and home address but are missing a current email, you can append deliverable, compliant consumer email addresses at two levels: Individual and Household.  Match rates range from 50% to 65% for Individual and 65% to 80% for Household.

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Maximize Digital Reach

Reach more of your target audience online with Digital Reach Maximizer for Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn or Programmatic Advertising.

Upload name and address and we will append up to 5 email and phone numbers so your custom audience will match at up to a 3x higher rate so you can reach more of your offline audience via low cost social or digital advertising.

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Phone Append

Multi-sourced phone append data service that includes landline, wireless and VOIP phone types.  You won’t find a better combination of match rate and value.

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Update Postal Address

If you haven’t updated the addresses in your consumer database in the past quarter and knowing where your customers live is important to you, then use this service to append the current address and move date.

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Append Name to Address

Sometimes you only have a postal address for your prospect.  This service appends the name of the current occupant to the address, typically at a 60% to 75% match rate.

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Gain consumer insight with a wide variety of third-party data enhancement services for your marketers and data scientists.  Mix and match demographics, segmentation systems and propensity models from multiple data sources.  You won’t find a more complete set of instantly-actionable consumer insight append options anywhere else.

Demographic Append

We offer several high-value data packages each with core demographics plus additional specialty data elements from multiple sources, including value-priced packages of dozens to hundreds of data elements.

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Segmentation Systems

Segmentation systems make sense of multiple demographic dimensions (e.g., age, income, ethnicity) by converting them to a workable number of household ”clusters”.  We offer several options including Connex, Niches, and Personicx.

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Propensity Models

Propensity models are created by analyzing the attitudes, behaviors, brand affinities and in-market tendencies of a large sample of U.S. households. Each household is then rated on a scale (e.g., 1 to 100), providing rich new ways to target, message and analyze customer segments to increase ROI.

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Cognitive Models

A special class of propensity models focused on consumer attitudes, cognitive models help you understand the “why” and are great for improving both messaging and targeting.

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Real Property and Owner

Starting with just an address, append the names of current residents — and names & addresses of any absentee owners — plus dozens of detailed real property attributes.  Perfect for real estate, mortgage, home services, etc..

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Understanding your customer profile by key demographics or by segmentation system clusters will help you to make the best data-driven decisions that optimize marketing outcomes.  We also offer predictive analytic customer models and other analytic services.

Customer Profile Report

This standard customer profile report (aka customer portrait report) provides fantastic value.  We will analyze your customer data based on dozens of demographic data elements, plus a popular segmentation system, then compare your customers to all households in your market area using Market Penetration Indices.

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Segment Conversion Analysis

We append segmentation system clusters to your customers and prospects, then determine the conversion index for each cluster.  Now you know which clusters are converting the best and the worst so you can better prioritize your conversion strategies.

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Customer Predictive Model

We create a prescriptive analytic model of your customers using advanced regression techniques then summarize report on the model’s principal components and lift profile.  This model can then be used to select new prospects.

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Reach your best prospects via direct mail or email using highly targeted lists and leads from the highest quality data sources in the U.S.  Tap into analytic models or in-market trigger leads to further increase your conversion rates and marketing ROI.

Consumer Lists

We know the best sources for consumer lists in the U.S. and can help you source the audience that works best for your prospecting needs. We may recommend running Customer Profile Report first, to help quantitatively determine your best target audience.

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Email Lists

We offer privacy-compliant B2C and B2B email lists. Not every consumer compiler offers email lists. We know the best sources for CAN-SPAM compliant consumer lists (with no “permission pass” required).

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Analytic Model Lists

Once an Analytic Model has been created, the resulting scores (ranging from ”1” to “100” where “1’s” are the most likely to be a top prospect) are mapped to the U.S. consumer database where they can be used to select whose prospects who are the most likely to convert (e.g., top 2 deciles).

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In-Market / Trigger Leads

In-Market Leads also known as Trigger Leads, are people who recently visited specific websites.  Now you can reach the people who have been browsing your competitors’ websites.

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The first step in getting to know your customers and prospects is to identify them.  This includes ensuring that a new customer is not an existing one.  This is not easy using ”string matching”, which is why we offer third-party identity solutions based on large knowledge bases of prior addresses, nicknames, pre-marital names, etc.   Consumer and Household ID’s are also perfect for campaign attribution when comparing a list of prospects to converted customers.  Identity verification is best for qualifying inbound leads.

Identity Resolution / Consumer ID

Every consumer database compiler offers a Consumer and Household ID solution. We allow you to pick and choose the one that works best for you.

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Identify and Update

This unique solution called “Identify and Update” combines data enhancement services such as Consumer ID and Household ID append, date of birth (and death) appends, address hygiene, including prior address and move date.

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Identify Verification

Gain confidence that in inbound lead is really who they say they are by assigning a score in real time (0 to 100 with the higher number being the most accurate identity information). Also receive validity scores for each identity marker (e.g., name, address, phone, email address).

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Secure Data Solutions

Securely transfer data for processing.  Our Insight API is the most unique and powerful data services API solution available anywhere.  InboundInsight.io is your control center for creating Insight Bundles, generating API key, and uploading batch files.  Secure automated batch, custom workflows and data encryption are also available.

The Insight API

The most capable and versatile data services API-based “wrapper”, the Insight API is at the core of most of our solutions. It accommodates real-time API requests and can be configured to handle any combination of multi-sourced third-party data services seconds.

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Choose from a menu of multi-sourced data services to create custom “insight bundles”, then instantly get the associated API key or choose the new bundle to process orders via the simple Batch UI and track your activity.

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Automated Batch SFTP

We offer Secure FTP-based automated batch solutions to accommodate your privacy or security requirements or your legacy workflows.

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Custom Workflows

Whether you need an extra hygiene service or special input or output formats, we can accommodate your workflow needs.  We can also add other data sources as needed to maximize match rates and provide maximum insight.

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Data Security-Encryption

Data Security is built into the DNA of all of our solutions.  Products such as Reverse Append – Turbo support MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 (SHA-256) data encryption.

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