Insight Solutions

  • Increase conversions by learn more about your customers or prospects
  • Multiple demographic data packages from top sources
  • Demographics, psychographics, propensity models & cognitive models
  • Segmentation systems and Consumer/Household IDs

Reach Solutions

  • Increase conversions by reaching people through more media channels
  • Fill in the blanks in your customer/prospect database or subscriber list
  • If you just have email or phone, then append name and address
  • Or append email or phone to name & address records where they are missing

The Insight API

  • The Insight API is a uniquely powerful Data-as-a-Service solution
  • It taps into the power of third-party data from leading sources
  • Mix-and-match data services as needed to create one or more  “Insight Bundles”
  • You access your Insight Bundle via API or Simple User Interface