Turn Email Leads Into Customer Gold


You put a huge effort into attracting prospects to your website.  Most leave, some buy right away and others provide their email address in return for coupons, news or special offers.  These “hand raisers” are some of your best prospects — treat them right and they will be more likely to become loyal customers.

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Into Customer Gold

Treating them right includes providing relevant offers and messaging.

How do you do this?

  • Find out immediately if they are an existing customer or new prospect
  • Understand their key demographic characteristics plus their interests and behaviors…determine which of your “personas” or customer segments they map to.
  • Figure out where they live so you can direct them to a store where your products can be purchased

Then take action!

  • Send them a more personalized email
  • Reach out to them via direct mail as well as email/digital…they are worth it!

Reverse Email Append via API

Inbound Insight has developed a new disruptive solution called the Insight API™ that solves all of the issues associated with Reverse Email Append (batch or API).

The Insight API is a configurable API wrapper that taps into multiple third-party consumer and email databases in one pass.  Here is how it solves the issues mentioned above:

  • No per project minimums and low annual minimum commitment across all data enhancement processes (not just REA).
  • Industry-leading REA match rates of up to 80% (twice the industry average!)
  • Integration options that include batch and traditional API as well as:
    • Ability to ingest data by simply receiving a cc on the email triggered by a new form fill…this can be set up in minutes with no programming skills required.
    • Ability to set up automated workflows in order to send data to print service providers to mail as frequently as daily

New tools such as the Insight API allow automated real-time conversion of new emails as they are submitted, which can feed automated direct mail programs for daily mailings (while the user is still in a buying mindset) and can help pinpoint there the prospect lives in order to mention local store address (applies to both direct mail and email campaigns).

Reverse email append is a great tool for marketers to use to increase conversion from prospect to customer.