Why Visitor Connect?

Thousands of qualified prospects visit your website.

More than 96% of them have been anonymous…until now.

Visitor Connect identifies MOST of your website visitors.

Retarget via email/direct mail for high ROI conversions.

Twelve Reasons to Try Visitor Connect

1) Maximum Conversion Rate and ROI – we offer many proven ways to maximize ROI, including the ability to:

– Set up the pixel so only high-engagement leads cause it to fire

Personalize with appended demographic data or your website page topic

Prioritize who to mail to based on a lead score from a demographic filters or a custom predictive model

2) Highest Match Rates
– our identity graph has more match data than other sources, so we append contact information to twice as many visitors. Why be satisfied with 20% match rates when you can achieve 50% with Visitor Connect?

3) Highest Data Quality – emails are highly deliverable and of high quality so you can send with confidence. Names and home addresses are accurate and highly deliverable via USPS mail.

4) Privacy Compliant – all emails are opted-in and CAN-SPAM compliant and our process complies with CCPA and other U.S. privacy regulations. (Just be sure that your privacy statement includes a line of text that we can provide.)

5) Low Risk – we do not require long term commitments or pre-payments — and we allow you to pause the campaign after a week to assess data quality and allow you to cancel if you are not satisfied — so there is no reason not to give us a try.

6) Built for a Cookie-less World – our solution won’t become obsolete since we don’t use IP Address or Cookies

7) Easy to Implement – once you sign up and get your pixel script, it is easy to add to the header of your website directly or using a tag manager.

8) Workflow Automation – your lead files can be download daily. Or you can use Zapier to push name, address, email, page(s) visited and time stamp directly to thousands of CRM, ESP and other marketing applications. We can also push data directly to printers for always on direct mail campaigns.

9) B2C Output Data with B2B Option – your standard output includes the consumer email, name and address of the actual individual who visited your website. We can append business email and company information so you can reach this person at their work address. This is far superior to other B2B website lead solutions that simply look up the company name from the IP address, then try to find someone in a relevant department. The odds are against them finding the actual person who visited. Don’t fall for this “ABM” approach!

10) All Website Traffic Levels Are Welcome – whether your website gets 200 unique visitors per month or 2 million, we can scale with your needs and we have a pricing tier for you.

11) Results Analysis & Recommendations – we can help you determine your ROI, then suggest ways to improve it.

12) Reseller Plans and Features – agencies and other resellers will benefit from non-branded versions of pixel scripts and lead file naming, plus volume price and other special reseller discounts. So whether you build client websites, help with digital or direct mail marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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